Ways to Ride

Coast-To-Coast Border Ride

September 10 – November 14, 2021
San Diego, CA to St Augustine, FL

In order to get up-close and personal with the wonderful people of the border-lands along the US-Mexico border we are going to travel at a biking pace from San Diego, California to St Augustine, Florida along the southern border of the United States.

This 3,200 mile trek will include events with those who live along the border and who personally know the personal humanitarian struggle as well as the systemic issues that need to be addressed along the border and in our national immigration system.

This tour will allow people to see the system in place along our southern border including the Wall and Fencing, border crossing sites, and detention centers. We will also meet the caregivers and peacemakers who live and work in the border-lands and who know first-hand what we must do to have a more perfect union along our Southern border.

We will be coordinating with cities around the United States to host their own community bike event bringing together people from all backgrounds in order to increase personal connection and understanding.

Want to Join Us for a Mile or all 3,200 Miles?

Let’s make this clear right from the start. No, you do not need to be an elite cyclist to join us on this trip. If you can ride your bike, you are already prepared to join the ride. We invite you to join us on our journey for as much as you would like to ride. You are welcome to ride the full distance each day, or ride part of a day. If you are interested in joining for multiple days there is a fee of X per day. With this fee we will provide you with meals, in-tour travel, and biking support. You will pay for your housing/hotel costs on your own at facilities we have pre-selected. See the route here.

Events Along the Border Tour

Not only will we be riding along the border we will be meeting the wonderful people living and working in the border-lands. We will also meet those who work at the border crossing locations. In addition there will be Worship Services held with people on both sides of the border on Sunday afternoons.

Distance Each Day

Distances each day will range from 30-60 miles, with the average being 50 miles per day.


Hotel/Housing costs are on your own. We will be making the arrangements for housing and you will cover your own costs.


Many of the riders will be using standard bikes, but E-bikes and recumbent bikes are also welcome. We are working to secure a small fleet of E-bikes for riders to use. You are welcome to bring your own bike.

Support Vehicles

There will be support vehicles to transport bikes and riders when needed. These vehicles will carry water, supplies, food and riders personal items.

Community Bike Rides

Organize a We The People Community Bike Ride in your community. We will provide you with ideas, templates, and encouragement to connect with the peoples in your community from varied backgrounds and cultures for a family-friendly ride, celebration and event.

These events can range in size from a few people, to hundreds of people. They can be organized by faith communities, individuals, organizations, schools, or neighborhood groups. The point is to get people together, having fun with one another, and reminding us that We The People are what make us a country.

Community Fundraiser

Invite people from your city, neighborhood, organization, faith community to join forces, and miles pedaled, into a total number of miles to be funded by donations.

  1. Consider the goal of combining the miles from various people’s rides to a total the Cross-Country Border Ride of 3,200 miles.
  2. Ask people to make donations per mile of the total.
  3. Donate the monies raised to organizations in your area. We The People Ride will not take any of the money you raise. We will invite people to donate to our effort, but the per-mile donations of your Community Ride will stay in your community, helping the people of your community.

How It Works

Say three people from your community include their road biking miles from September 10-November 14, and five people include their Peloton/SoulCycle/Health Club ride. All of these miles can be pooled together and sponsored by donors. Try to reach the 3,200-mile goal.

Then take the monies raised and donate them to an organization you already work with that supports refugees and immigrants. Or, take this opportunity to reach out to organizations in your area and tell them what you are up to, and see how you can partner with them.

Virtual Bike Rides

Join along on your own journey whether that is out on the road, at home on a bike, or a health club or cycling center. Follow along on the tour online, choose a route that connects you with the people of other cultures and countries; select an instructor in your virtual class who has a migration story of their own.

Other Ways to Participate

Individual and organizations are also invited to sponsor a rider, provide financial support, provide food/housing along the border route, and help along the border route.

If you are an organization and would like to be a sponsor, contact us here.