September 10 – November 14, 2021

Border, community, and virtual bike rides to call for a Common Good approach to our nation’s immigration and border practices.

Why We Ride

Immigration is a human story. The We The People Ride is a story-telling effort. We will meet the people who live on the border, serve one another on the border, those who work along the border, and those who have the best way forward for our immigration and border practices. →

Ways to Ride

Coast-to-Coast Border Ride

Join us for one mile or all 3,200 miles of the ride from San Diego, CA to St. Augustine, FL. You are welcome to ride the full distance each day (50 mile or so), or ride part of a day. If you can ride your bike, you are already prepared to join the ride. We will be traveling with a stable of E-bikes for those that are interested in some biking support. 

Community Bike Rides

Organize a bike ride in your community. We’ll provide you with ideas, templates, and encouragement to connect with the people in your community from varied backgrounds and cultures for a family-friendly ride. 

Virtual Bike Rides

Join along on your own journey whether that is out on the road, at home on a bike, or a health club or cycling center. Follow along on the tour online, choose a route that connects you with the people of other cultures and countries. 

Individual and organizations are also invited to sponsor a rider, provide financial support, provide food/housing along the border route, and help along the border route. 

Did You Know

Where We Ride

We invite you to join us on Bike-Border Ride shown in the route below for as much or as little as you would like to ride. If you can’t join us in-person along the border, you can ride with us by organizing a Community Bike Ride on your local roads. You can also ride with us by doing a Virtual Ride at home, at a health club, or at a cycling center.