Nogales, AZ and Nogales, MX


Nearest airport – Tucson, AZ
Alternative airport – Phoenix, AZ


Holiday Inn Express
Best Western Sonora Inn & Suites
La Casa Misericordia Shelter


Tuesday, September 21
Arrive in Nogales, AZ from Arivaca, AZ (53 miles)

This 53 mile ride will highlight the glory of the desert. As we make our way toward the border we will begin to see the beauty of the shared community of Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Mexico. This is one community divided by a border wall. For decades this community thrived as a bi-national people. The increase in border structure and militarization has rended what has been a deeply connected community. In spite of this tearing apart the shared life and community of Nogales thrives.

3:00 pm – Cross the Border from Nogales, AZ to Nogales, MX

4:00 pm – Arrive at La Casa Misericordia Shelter
We will stay at the the La Casa Misericordia Shelter for two nights. We will hear the stories of the hundreds of peoples from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Venezuela, Haiti who are creating a community at the shelter.

Wednesday, September 22
Day will be spent with the people of the La Casa Misericordia Shelter in Nogales, MX

6:00 pm – Dinner and Party with shelter Residents

Thursday, September 23
10:00 am – Begin ride to Sierra Vista, AZ

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